IRP - "I blew a Fail"

You've probably heard, both from our website as well as other sources on the internet, that if you blow a "Fail" reading with an approved screening device, then you are completely hooped in terms of disputing the IRP.  And in most cases...that's true.  However, occasionally there's something in the officer's report that points to a defence which may not be known until you file for the review and actually have the officer's paperwork in hand.  Granted, you may be throwing $100 in the garbage if you file for review and there's nothing there to work with (and we'll tell you quite bluntly if that's the case), but every so often there is something there to work with and in fact, last week alone Mr. Armour successfully disputed two different IRPs in cases where the clients both blew "Fail" but decided to take a chance. 

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