Impaired Driving Acquittal

Although most impaired driving charges are currently resulting in IRPs instead of criminal charges, some people are still charged criminally on top of their 90-day suspensions. If you're in that boat, it's important to realize that you are facing formal criminal charges with the possibility of receiving a criminal record that might affect your ability to work or travel (depending on where you want to go).  As such, even if you were unsuccessful in fighting your 90-day suspension, you may still have defences at trial that an experienced impaired driving lawyer can uncover.  For example, earlier this week Judge Chapman of the Provincial Court dismissed a case against one of Mr. Armour's clients for impaired driving and driving over 80mg% of alcohol after Mr. Armour successfully argued to have the certificate of the qualified technician excluded from evidence.

Call us if you are concerned about receiving a criminal record even if you don't think you have much of a case.

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