Warrant quashed

After a 10-day Supreme Court trial, the Judge has finally ruled that all evidence obtained pursuant to two unlawful arrests as well as the subsequent warrant obtained after those arrests must be quashed.  Mr. Armour's client has been on bail for almost 2 years awaiting the outcome of this trial, and thankfully the wait was worth it.  He was facing lengthy jail time for multiple charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking (PPT) of heroine, cocaine, and marijuana.  As stated, the charges against Mr. Armour's client originally stemmed from an initial unlawful arrest of another individual of whom the police then unlawfully searched to get grounds to search Mr. Armour's client's condominium.  The Judge concluded that the reputation of the Canadian Justice System would be severely brought into disrepute if the Courts condoned  police investigations that intentionally begin as unlawful arrests of citizens even if their ultimate intention is to arrest suspected drug dealers.  Accordingly, Mr. Justice Funt of the BCSC ruled that the Court needed to disassociate itself from the police's unlawful conduct in this case and ruled both that the initial traffic stops and arrests were unlawful as well He quashed the warrant which will ultimately result in an acquittal of Mr. Armour's client on all charges.

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