IRPs still worth fighting

Although impaired driving and DUIs are no longer quite as rampant on our streets as they once were prior to the IRP regime coming into force, make no mistake about it - the police are still out there regularly setting up road blocks and patrolling the roads for impaired drivers.  This doesn't mean you can't still go out and enjoy a drink with a friend, but you'd better make sure to limit your intake or catch a cab home.

On the other hand, the nights are still cold and you may be one of the unlucky few who is charged with impaired driving or issued an IRP for simply sitting in your car with the engine on for heat despite the fact that you were never intending to drive.  Mr. Armour has had two such clients in the past few weeks and both were issued 90-day suspensions for an IRP even though they swore up and down that they were never intending to drive.  In fact, one of the clients had proof that he'd called a cab company even prior to being arrested.

Thankfully, both clients were successful in their disputes and both clients are back on the road.  While the IRP regime does appear to have curtailed drinking and driving to some degree (which is a good thing), the fact is it does still catch some people who were trying to be responsible and doing the right thing.  If you got an IRP that you think was unjustly issued, give us a call.

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