Civil Forfeiture

This is the newest weapon in the British Columbia government’s arsenal   to take your assets.  Even if you don’t get charged with a crime, the police may seize your money, your valuables, and even your house, if they can prove that it was probably used for a criminal purpose.   The Civil Forfeiture Act gives wide powers to the ‘Director’ of Civil Forfeiture to commence lawsuits against your property to lead to a forfeiture.

In a recent case where the police tried to seize our client’s home, we were able to get the case dropped because the police violated our client’s rights in the process of executing a search warrant for a marihuana grow operation.  The law of civil forfeiture is evolving and in order to protect your assets, you need someone knowledgeable in this area.

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NEWS: October, 2015

Cash seized by the police???
The Civil Forfeiture Act gives wide and sweeping powers to the provincial government to claim ill gotten gains, but provides relief against forfeiture if it would "clearly not be in the interests of justice” 
Justice includes respect for constitutional rights, such as the right to privacy. 
If the police violated your rights to get the property, no warrant for example, you have a good possibility of getting some or all of that money back. 
In a recent case Tessmer Law got back $60,000 of $80,000 cash seized by the police. 
There are short time limits to file a claim to that property.

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